Scale your business in North America through North Forge East Programming

North Forge East has been selected as one of the designated business incubators in Canada. Approved to invest in, or support start-ups through the Start-Up Visa Program. The Canadian Start-Up Visa Program is the first of its’ kind worldwide. The program provides permanent residency to start-up entrepreneurs who have the potential to build innovative companies in Canada that can create new jobs, spur economic growth and compete on a global scale.

The Start-Up Visa Program offered by North Forge East is a customized cross-border acceleration program designed to help international growth-stage start-ups smoothly integrate into the Canadian innovation community, adjust product & market fit, and connect to potential customers, investors, and research partners across multiple channels. This program provides the opportunity for participating start-ups to scale in North America through North Forge East programming.
Cross-border acceleration

Who You Are: You are a start-up with a validated business model, established IP or strong proprietary technology, strong traction in the form of year-over-year/month-over-month revenue, customer growth in your home country,  a committed and solid founding team, have developed strategic expansion plan to demonstrate strategic value in bringing the business into Canada, and plan to scale in North America. You need a network of specialized supports that will help you scale your business, connect you to various business resources, and help you achieve your next business milestone.

Most value for companies who:
  • Want to expand their markets and rapidly grow internationally

  • Need to grow their team by accessing Canadian talent

  • Need to attract serious growth capital

  • Want to map their scaling journey

What you get
  • Flexible Office Space

  • Market Intelligence

  • Access to Capital

  • Business Network

  • Strategic Advisory from our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and Mentors

  • Peer-to-Peer Events

  • Business Workshops

  • Business Services

  • Partner Services

Coming Soon...