Futurpreneur Canada and North Forge East to Bring Capital to Young Entrepreneurs in Manitoba
August 11, 2021

Pinawa, MB, Canada – Young entrepreneurs in Manitoba will now have a new streamlined pathway to capitalthrough an innovative new partnership between Futurpreneur Canada and North Forge East. The partnership willallow eligible North Forge East member entrepreneurs ages 18-39 to fast-track the normal Futurpreneur Canadaapplication process to receive up to $20,000 in start-up financing, allowing young entrepreneurs in Manitoba anew opportunity for expedited access to capital.

Headquartered in the Local Government District (LGD) of Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada, North Forge East is the firstnon-profit, innovation based, regional business incubator in Eastern Manitoba. The incubator is a member of theNational Angel Capital Organization (NACO) and has a strong network of advisors and entrepreneurs in residence.North Forge East is funded and supported by organizations such as the LGD of Pinawa, University of Manitoba, RedRiver College and the Canadian National Energy Alliance. North Forge East President Shane Li explains that“Futurpreneur Canada has been a national leader, supporting young entrepreneurs for two decades, and this newexciting strategic partnership between North Forge East and Futurpreneur Canada will strengthen these supportsby creating a fast-track pathway for these entrepreneurs to access start-up capital in Manitoba”.

Futurpreneur Canada is the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and supporttools to aspiring business owners ages 18-39. Futurpreneur Canada is internationally recognized with a mentoringprogram that hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 3,000volunteer mentors. Futurpreneur Canada’s VP – Ontario, Prairies and Northern Canada, Scott Bowman notes that“North Forge East is a trailblazing entrepreneurship incubator that we are excited to partner with, to support moreyoung, diverse entrepreneurs get launched in Eastern Manitoba. Futurpreneur will be providing the early financingto the entrepreneurs that North Forge East is nurturing, so they get their best start possible. We know thatthrough this partnership, new businesses will help local communities in Eastern Manitoba enjoy greaterprosperity”. This new partnership will be the first of its kind in Eastern Manitoba.

Pinawa, Manitoba is a community characterized by high levels of education and a rich scientific history, groundedin nuclear research. With Pinawa’s nuclear research facility currently undergoing decommissioning, North ForgeEast has been a way to inspire and support 43 different entrepreneur led companies who together are helping torapidly diversify the region’s economy. LGD of Pinawa Mayor, Blair Skinner notes that “this new partnership adds anew tool to an already impressive arsenal of North Forge East resources, that will allow young entrepreneurs inPinawa and the Eastern Manitoba region to access a streamlined pathway to financing as they develop theirbusinesses. We especially thank Canadian National Energy Alliance for their financial contribution that hasenabled North Forge East to add this partnership to the partnerships already established”. Pinawa is part ofManitoba’s Lac du Bonnet Constituency. The region’s MLA and Manitoba’s Minister of Advanced Education, Skillsand Immigration, Honourable Wayne Ewasko is also in full support of the new partnership. The Minister noted that“it is very exciting to see this new strategic partnership between North Forge East and Futurpreneur Canada, as itcreates a new pathway to capital for entrepreneurs, recent post-secondary graduates and newcomers, furtherstrengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our region and Manitoba”. For more information on North ForgeEast and how young entrepreneurs may be able to take advantage of this new strategic partnership please go to https://www.northforgeeast.ca/.

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