Local Government District of Pinawa launches International Entrepreneurship Program
August 3, 2020

PINAWA, MB – Economic development in rural Manitoba will be significantly bolstered thanks to the launch of a new program to attract global talent and international investment to Pinawa.

The International Entrepreneurship Program provides an expedited route for businesses from around the world to set up their operations in the Pinawa region. Program participants will have access to a customized network of specialized supports, resources, and business development assistance.

Each program participant will work directly with Pinawa’s Economic Development Office to launch and grow their business, while a coalition of supporting agencies include North Forge East, the first regional business incubator in Eastern Manitoba, will support the entrepreneurs along the way. Based on the targeted number of projects, anticipated investment capital is expected to be as high as $20 million.Each participant is also anticipated to create local employment opportunities, further stimulating economic growth in the region.

Qualified businesses will be accepted and recommended by the Pinawa Economic Development Office to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s Entrepreneur Pathway, which requires successful candidates to conduct a community visitation trip, provide a thorough business plan, a minimum amount of funds to invest into their business and business ownership experience. This program provides an expedited immigration pathway for business owners and entrepreneurs to settle in the province.

In its first year, the International Entrepreneurship Program is expected to attract between five to eight projects which will account for up to $1.2 million in direct community investment. The program is now active and currently accepting international applicants.


  • “Initiatives like the International Entrepreneurship Program are a testament to the success of our province’s immigration strategy. Economic development requires a collaborative approach, and this partnership offers a way to further place Manitoba on the map as an international destination to live and work.” - Ralph Eichler, Minister of Economic Development and Training
  • “It’s no secret that Pinawa is an entrepreneurial community. For decades, our community has attracted some of the best and brightest minds to live and work here. The International Entrepreneurship Program continues this tradition and will play a key role in our community’s long-term economic growth. We are excited to be part of the success story of many more businesses through this program.” - Blair Skinner, Mayor of Pinawa
  • “The Government of Manitoba is thrilled to be part of the team launching the International Entrepreneurship Program in Pinawa. I’m excited to welcome a whole generation of entrepreneurs to their new home province.” - Wayne Ewasko, MLA for Lac du Bonnet
  • "Pinawa is well-placed to attract startups from all over the world. Our community has proven that it is ready to stand together to support any new businesses that establish themselves here. That community partnership is part of our region’s economic advantage, and we are looking forward to working collaboratively with all our partners.” - Shane Li, Pinawa Economic Development Office

Quick facts

  • Qualified applicants will need to demonstrate a required minimum investment of $150,000 to invest in their business as part of their application approval process. This investment level is part of the Provincial Nominee Program’s assessment criteria.
  • Pinawa’s Economic Development Strategy has defined the industry sectors under which it hopes to attract program participants. Those sectors are tourism, healthcare, retail, dining & entertainment, innovation & technology, light industry, and advanced manufacturing.

Associated links

  • Pinawa International Entrepreneurship Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur Pathway


Shane Li, Economic Development Officer
Local Government District of Pinawa edo@pinawa.com
(204) 291-8108

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