North Forge East Member ioAirFlow Confirming International Partnerships, Government Support
November 2, 2021

PINAWA, MB - Data intelligence company ioAirFlow, also a member of North Forge East, has been invited to participate in globally-recognized corporate accelerators - Women in Cloud, and Plug and Play.

Based on their value proposition of helping commercial buildings improve their internal environments, the startup was selected by the two prestigious corporate accelerator programs - both of which endeavor to help their members confirm major contracts with some of the world’s largest companies.

The Women in Cloud accelerator, sponsored by Microsoft, is a 6-month accelerator to help innovative startups co-market and co-sell their products alongside the tech giant. The program’s    goal is to achieve $10,000 in contract value by the end of the program, with the ability to scale to $1M contracts within the first two years. ioAirFlow was selected as one of only ten members of this cohort which spans four countries.

“This opportunity could not have come at a more critical time in ioAirFlow’s growth”, said Amanda San Filippo, COO of ioAirFlow. “In addition to providing women tech founders with a global stage to showcase their business, it is an honour to be participating in an award-winning accelerator and learning from experienced leaders and innovators who have knowledge of the trials and tribulations of being a woman in tech.”

Plug and Play is a corporate accelerator program whose cohort members are selected by some of the world’s largest global companies. Startups are selected based on impact within their industry, connecting them with corporate partners to complete pilot tests and sign enterprise contracts. ioAirFlow was selected as one of only sixteen members in the Winter 2021 cohort for the Real Estate & Construction innovation program.

ioAirFlow has also been approved by the Government of Manitoba’s Innovation Growth Program (IGP) to provide up to $100,000 under the Program towards the development of ioAirFlow’s wireless air quality data collection and monitoring platform. The IGP fund provides cost assistance to small and medium sized businesses to help with developing and commercializing new innovative products, however only the strongest applications are accepted. This funding will allow ioAirFlow to pursue their technical and business development at an accelerated rate, allowing them to grow faster and advance their solutions into multiple industry verticals. 

"Support from the Government of Manitoba is a difference-maker for ioAirFlow,” said Matt Schaubroeck, CEO of ioAirFlow. “As an early-stage startup, we need to be growing quickly while managing our cash flow carefully. The Innovation Growth Program gives us an opportunity to focus our attention towards international growth, while making it easier to hire locally and retain a strong Manitoba presence, including through our work with North Forge East."

Since launching its platform in June 2021 ioAirFlow has completed building tests across  Manitoba and British Columbia, including working with some of the country’s leading commercial property management companies.

About ioAirFlow

ioAirFlow’s digital analysis platform identifies indoor environmental quality issues in commercial buildings including performance, energy efficiency, and air quality measurements. Using wireless sensors and a proprietary data analysis platform, the company identifies building problems faster and more accurately than manual energy audits, and at a fraction of the cost of permanent monitoring solutions.

Additional resources

For additional information, contact:

Shane Li

President, North Forge East

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