North Forge East receives CNEA fund support
January 14, 2020

North Forge East is pleased to announce an annual financial contribution of $80,000 from the Canadian National Energy Alliance (CNEA), the consortium which manages the operations of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

CNEA provides operational funding to North Forge East to support and guide local entrepreneurs through a four-stage Startup Program to develop and market their products and services. To date, CNEA has contributed more than $250,000 to North Forge East and their parent operation, North Forge Technology Exchange.

North Forge hosts Canada’s largest non-profit fabrication lab located in a 27,000-square-foot space adjacent to Innovation Drive and Innovation Alley in Winnipeg. North Forge has some impressive statistics – more than 7,500 prototypes created, 200 companies helped and over $220 million in finance has been raised.

North Forge East has helped many success stories, including Boreal Workshop and AquaHive. Boreal Workshop is a Manitoba family business that designs and manufactures – by hand – jewellery, art objects and vessels for personal and ceremonial purposes. AquaHive provides a real-time data analysis platform to monitor mine-water management for environmental initiatives. Both companies have benefited greatly from North Forge East’s advice and resources.

CNEA is committed to supporting North Forge East as it helps local businesses grow and flourish. It is these entrepreneurs who will shape the future economy of the Eastman Region of Manitoba where the Whiteshell nuclear site is now being decommissioned by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

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