Pinawa Local Startup Aquatic Life Partners with Global Leader Rockwell Automation to Revolutionize Water Stewardship in the Global Scale
March 8, 2024

[Pinawa, Manitoba, Mar 8, 2024] - Aquatic Life forges a strategic alliance with Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK). The world’s largest industrial automation and digital transformation powerhouse, Rockwell Automation's collaboration with Aquatic Life, brings forth an era of innovative and sustainable water management solutions that are set to make waves globally.

From its humble beginnings in Pinawa, Manitoba, Aquatic Life has emerged as a key player in environmental water monitoring. Their latest partnership with Rockwell Automation, a global behemoth employing approximately 29,000 problem solvers across more than 100 countries, sets a new precedent in the field of sustainable water operations.

Aquatic Life's revolutionary Aquahive system has propelled the local enterprise to the forefront of the industry, capturing the strategic interest of Rockwell Automation, whose commitment to sustainability and efficient industrial processes spans over a century. This alliance will enable Rockwell Automation to expand its reach in the high-stakes realm of water efficiency, underscoring the importance of scalable and sustainable practices.

Founder Jeff Simpson of Aquatic Life expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with such an esteemed global entity, “Partnering with an industry giant like Rockwell Automation not only elevates our mission but also solidifies our commitment to impacting water stewardship worldwide positively.”

As Aquatic Life takes a giant leap from local innovation to a global platform, North Forge East stands tall, championing the innovation that has spurred this monumental collaboration.

For the full story of Aquatic Life’s venture into global sustainability with Rockwell Automation, visit [link].

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