Pinawa Strengthens Economic Ties with Heze Municipal Government
January 11, 2021

PINAWA, MB – Last year was a milestone year for the joint relationship between Canada and China, who celebrated fifty years of joint economic and trade. This year, the Community of Pinawa is working to capitalize on this international friendship in order to bring more economic opportunities, jobs, and capital to eastern Manitoba.

Pinawa is leading the way in strengthening economic ties with China. In particular, Pinawa’s CommunityDevelopment Corporation has been working closely with the Heze Municipal Government to facilitate joint economic and business attraction opportunities.

In 2021 Pinawa will be working closely with Leading Capital, a startup accelerator focused on helping early-stage Chinese companies expand and scale in North America. Through tools such as the International Entrepreneurship Program and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, Pinawa will be able to host new companies looking to expand their North American footprint.

Both Pinawa and Heze have led multiple trade missions to explore opportunities for business co-operation since 2017, to help establish a joint relationship. This mutually beneficial opportunity will help companies supported by Leading Capital to launch in region, with supports from Pinawa Community Development Corporation and startup resources such as North Forge East.

To mark the anniversary of the close friendship between China and Canada, a virtual reception was hosted by the Manitoba Chinese community on December 18th and broadcasted live in both countries.Please check the virtual reception at This digital event included as keynote speakers both the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Canada Cong PeiWu, as well as Canada’s Minister of International Trade, the Honourable MaryNg.

Both keynote speakers praised the strong economic ties between both countries, and in particular the influence of the growing Chinese-Canadian community in Manitoba. This friendship presents new trade and business development opportunities between both jurisdictions, and provides a foundation for Pinawa to continue working with Leading Capital and Heze Municipal Government to continue building future economic growth opportunities.

Pinawa will continue to strengthen the longstanding diplomatic and economic relationship between Canada and China, by creating new economic opportunities and growing the region’s international appeal as a destination for entrepreneurs and businesses.


  • “Economic growth is an investment in our community’s future. For years, we have been working on economic development cooperation with China, in particular with the Heze Municipal Government. We are looking forward to welcoming entrepreneurs from Heze and all of China as they call Pinawa their new home.” – Blair Skinner, Mayor of Pinawa
  • “I was fortunate to witness and participate in the process of establishing the relationship and cooperation between China and Canada and our city and building a deep international friendship. I believe that in the future, we will more actively promote comprehensive cooperation with Pinawa, Winnipeg and Canada in the fields of technology and innovation, investment, education and tourism, and jointly establish a comprehensive international cooperative ecosystem." – Jingqing Ma, President of Leading Capital and former Director of Foreign Affairs of Heze People’s Government
  • “The past fifty years have provided an opportunity for Canada and China to collaborate on trade and development opportunities. Pinawa is growing its reputation in China as a destination for economic growth, thanks to the supports and partnerships from federal and provincial government. This will allow us to attract talent and create jobs here in Pinawa.” – Shane Li,Senior Economic Development Officer of Local Government District of Pinawa

Quick Facts

  • China is currently Canada’s second-largest trading partner behind only the United States, at over $1.2 billion in annual exports and $1.3 billion in annual imports to the province.
  • Pinawa is the only municipality in Canada that can facilitate and endorse both tech and non-tech international entrepreneurs to emigrate through the established partnerships with the Province of Manitoba and Federal Government , respectively.


Shane Li, Senior Economic Development Officer

Pinawa Community Development Corporation

(204) 291-8108

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