Spark E Safety - Setting New Standards in Safety Wear
April 30, 2024

Within the energy industry, Spark E Safety is quickly building a reputation for innovation, comfort, sustainability, and inclusion. Guided by co-founder and CEO, Johanna Wood, the company's trajectory has been defined by extensive research and development efforts. This journey has led to the creation of workwear garments that not only deliver exceptional protection but also seamlessly conform to the body's movements, thereby reducing risks and enhancing overall comfort.

Spark E Safety, a Canadian company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba got its start in 2022, when a casual conversation between Johanna and her husband Michael, a seasoned journeyman electrician, led to the start of a new adventure. Michael consistently complained of wear spots in his garments and a lack of relevant features for his industry. Unable to find a solution in the market, the two set out with the intentions of making a better pair of pants for electricians. That idea grew to a corporation with a full product line, and as it grew Michael and Johanna made efforts to incorporate qualities that were important to them, the company must value inclusion and be mindful of the impact of its operations on the planet.

At Spark E, the focus goes beyond traditional work wear, Their commitment to sustainability and inclusivity is evident in every aspect of the company's operations. For example, when speaking on the decision to carry both a men's and a womenswear line, Johanna had to say this “We are no longer living in a world where ‘Shrink it, and Pink it’ are acceptable practice, so in addition to our menswear line, Spark E also offers a full range of garment solutions for women, designed specifically for a woman’s body. Providing safety solutions that are inclusive of everybody will increase representation on the jobsite and aims to eliminate an indirect form of discrimination tradespeople face when they are unable to be adequately equipped for their workday.”

Beyond gender inclusivity, Spark E Safety considers biomechanics and ergonomic design principles in their garments. Tool pockets are strategically placed to accommodate dominant hand preferences, ensuring that regardless of whether you're right or left-handed, accessing tools remains safe and efficient. Additionally, Spark E Safety proudly introduces the first of its kind UL Certified Hijab in North America.

A key pillar of Spark E Safety's ethos is environmental leadership. The company has introduced groundbreaking biodegradable garments, setting a new standard for sustainability in the safety wear industry. By prioritizing garment end-of-life solutions, Spark E Safety showcases its dedication to reducing environmental impact while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Spark E Safety, under Johanna Wood's leadership is not limited to innovation and sustainability alone. She recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships in driving success. In her own words, "Our partnership with North Forge East has played an instrumental role in driving Spark E Safety to greater success. The strategic guidance and resources from this collaboration have enabled us to expand our operations and connect with a broader audience. Shane's expertise and vision have been invaluable. The insights and guidance we have received have not only guided us through intricate challenges but have also motivated us to set higher goals and pursue them ambitiously."

Johanna's journey with Spark E Safety reflects a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and inclusivity. As the company continues to grow and innovate, it remains a beacon of inspiration for the industry, setting a higher standard for safety wear that truly empowers professionals while safeguarding the environment.

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