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We help companies develop faster, cheaper and with greater success. North Forge East curates resources to help entrepreneurs solve problems in real time and reduces the cost and risk of innovation.

"My experience working with North Forge East has been wholly positive, the support and expertise available are invaluable and the services have assisted me with moving my business from a small part time operation to a professional online retailer that designs and manufactures handmade fine jewellery and functional art objects"

- Tanis Thomas - Founder of Boreal Workshop
"North Forge East is a very active organization buildinglocal, national and international business connections to better servicetheir clients.  I really like their Ramp Up Weekend (RUW) program whereentrepreneurs and mentors are brought together to develop and pitch theirbusiness ideas. It is a good organization for entrepreneurs"

- Alphonsus Utioh, P. Eng., Manager, Research & Development, Food Development Centre
"I have been in business for over 30 years.My company was global, primarily in the service sector. In 2019 I closed mycompany and retired ( well not fully! ). The knowledge and programs that are available tothem has so much value. The fees are minimal in comparison to what you haveaccess to. It would take months and or years to access this much informationand professional programs all under one company. Simply Amazing!!!Thank youfor the opportunity and I look forward to working with you and your peopleat North Forge East"

- Rey Laferriere - Founder of PGT Global Inc
"Without the help of North Forge East and Shane, Joyall would not have had any of resources necessary to get the business off the ground. I can’t stress enough how valuable the service North Forge East and Shane have provided to me in regard to networking and getting the right introduction to resources, and provision of insightful business suggestions. I strongly recommend anyone who would like to launch the business to join North Forge East."

- Jason Wang, Founder, TyreXpress
"Over the last few years North Forge East led by Shane Li has been assisting Aquatic Life with our new Aquahive development.  The assistance of North Forge East has been key in setting up the go forward plan for the Development."

- Jeff Simpson, Founder of Aquatic Life
"North Forge East has been instrumental in helping us find the right networks to make this business idea into a reality. First with connecting us with the LGD of Pinawa councillors who have all been incredibly supportive of our project, and second with connecting us to Community Futures who have been quite receptive in helping us with the appropriate funding to make this business into a success"

- Gabriel Verrier, Founder of Twenty-One Ventures
"Working with North Forge East has greatly accelerated our start-up phase. Dog-Eh! is so appreciative for their support during our funding stage and their invaluable connections that will aid in our future success."

- Amanda Wattie & Frank Fuchs, founders of Dog-Eh!
Why Some Businesses Succeed (and Some Don't)
September 14, 2022
The Top Ten Value Drivers that Every Business Must Have & How you can find an extra $40,000 in 45 minutes, without spending an extra dime on advertising
Pinawa, Manitoba Home to Clean Tech Pilot Project
March 17, 2022
PINAWA, MB – What if we told you that humanity has less than 10 years to correct our carbon footprint concerns? Scary, right? Thankfully, a local clean tech start-up Carbon Lock Technologies is working on a solution that will help in a big way! And it’s happening right in our backyards…
Building entrepreneurial relationships across rural Manitoba
February 22, 2022
Come together at the upcoming Survive & Thrive Conference – where North Forge East members can receive a 50% registration discount